Russian and ISIS Threats

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Russian and ISIS Threats

Post by Admin on Sat Jan 24, 2015 9:44 am

Why does our government feel it is necessary to down-size our armed forces at a time when foreign threats are at their peak? Russia is constantly probing NATO defenses and we still replace out Challenger 2 tanks with armored Land Rovers?! ISIS is constantly brain washing individuals to believe that Islamic Extremism is fine and killing citizens of this great nation is a way in helping the Islamic take over of the world, we try to help their citizens by overthrowing oppression and teaching their children how to read and write yet they throw it back in our faces thinking that we are trying to poison their children with western ideology simply because it works better than a fascist or military dictatorship. Our government has become far too lenient with ethnic minorities and it is not down to any single political party it is down to the bureaucrats that have deemed it unacceptable to show signs of Christianity in a historically Christian country, yet massive protest rallies saying that Britain should become an Islamic state isn't? One thing the Muslims are forgetting, they make up a mere 2% of our population in the UK, they do not understand that we are predominantly Christian, they think that is it OK to turn Buckingham Palace into a Mosque yet I say it is NOT, unpatriotic fools decide that we do not need a monarchy when I say we need to keep it as it has been a part of our history for close to a thousand years.

Some people even agree that we should disband the armed forces completely, OK Sherlock what happens when Russia sees that and says "oh look we can invade the UK" and then there will be a complete lack of patriotic support to prevent them from invading.? If we disband the army then ISIS can continually attack our home land when we can't attack ISIS at it's source when that is where we need to attack, saying "we don't need to attack the source" is complete bullshit and you're just allowing waves and waves of Islamic extremists into the country and allowing them free reign over the country. You're British and you should be fucking proud of it.


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